The cast


Bailey Nathan-Park is a multifaceted performer who is making his debut in Men of Dreams Australia as a Soloist/Co-Choreographer at only 22 years of age. Bailey completed his training at ‘Patrick School of the Arts’ in late 2019 and began immediately working commercially afterwards. He prides himself on his versatility as a performer and has been seen performing nationally and internationally as a dancer, actor, aerialist and acrobat. Some of his accreditations include such companies as: The Australian Opera, Royal Caribbean International, and The Entertainment Group.


RREYNO is a highly talented dancer, singer and music producer. Basically dancing as soon as he could walk, RREYNO has developed into a major hip-hop/freestyle dancer. Specializing in a unique Chris Brown x Ne-Yo style of dance, RREYNO is one of Men of Dreams creators and choreographers. He has worked with American R&B megastars Omarion & Bow Wow, opening up as a dance act for their tours in Australia. RREYNO is also a talented singer with a number of singles released including his latest and most popular track Lust For Life.


Zain is a talented show producer, coordinator and co-founder of the Men of Dreams show. With years of performing under his belt, Zain is a master of stage presence and performing as specific characters. With a background in sports, Zain naturally fell into a role in the performance/entertainment industry. He fell in love with it on his first day, and the rest is history.


Dom is an extremely talented acrobatic and diverse performer at Men of Dreams. His cross between Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa look has enabled him to play various parts of many shows. Dom has a very high strength to bodyweight ratio which allows him to complete a wide range of tricks and skills. You may have seen Dom for his creative feats such as the 5km tyre flip and his barefoot walk from Melbourne to Brisbane with just a pack.


Zac is the host, MC & co-founder of the Men of Dreams Melbourne show. With over 6 years of performing and 3 years of MC'ing Zac has gained a large following of supporters. Early in his career as a performer he was widely seen as the "Zac Efron" of Australia because of his distinct look that resembled Mr. Efron himself.


Erinn Ward has been dancing for over 18 years, graduating from 2 years of full time study at Transit Dance in 2020. She has performed as a dancer/actress in a variety of shows, both in her home state of Tasmania and Melbourne. Erinn has recently joined the team as the Men of Dreams mermaid since early 2021.


Kallym is quite unique. His background is in competitive extreme sports like BMX and motocross. After moving to Melbourne from Gold Coast, Kallym naturally found his way to Men of Dreams. With huge talent and ability in performing he's one of the favourites for most girls that attend the show.


Diesel is a unique performer. He's one of the tallest performers in Melbourne at 6 foot 6, his skill stems from his height. Being able to utilise his large stature he's been able to portray the "big muscle" character extremely well. Diesel has over 4 years of performing experience and has mastered the use of his natural assets to create a thrilling piece that entertains all that see it.