Hens Night


The best way to spice up a hens night or get everyone out of their comfort zone and mingling, is to chuck in some classic hens party games. From classics like the toilet paper wedding dress to pin the junk on the hunk, we’ve put together the top 5 hens party games played at every hens night event that we’ve ever been to. We’ve also added in a few tips on how to make the game a little more fun…

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Planning Your Girls Night Out

All the steps you need to plan the best girls night ever, including, budget, destinations, and transport

Preparing for your male stripper
Preparing For A Male Stripper

Be ready for your male stripper with these easy preparation tips and guidelines for the big night

Bride Tribe Hens Party Planning
Picking The Hens Package That Suits You

Check out the hens package options designed to make hens planning as easy as possible

Top 5 hens party games
The Top 5 Best Hens Party Games

The top 5 classic hens party games. There's always at least one of these played at every hens night

Pin The Junk on The Hunk - Jax-min
Pin the Junk on the Hunk Posters

Posters of your favourite Men of Dreams, with a cheeky twist. Simply print, stick and game on

Topless Waiters
What Your Topless Waiter Can Do

A list of basic activities and responsibilities for your topless waiter and a few cheeky options too

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