Male strip clubs and male strip shows are mysterious places for women (and men) who’ve never been before. The biggest confusion is that female strippers and male strippers are the same type of thing. A male strip show is more towards the entertainment side of things (depending on which place you go). Generally at female strip clubs you’ll have girls walking around asking you if you would like a lap dance. Male strip shows are set up kinda like the way a musical would be structured.


When coming to Men of Dreams or any other male strip show you should be expecting an actual show, similar to the set up of a theatre show as mentioned above. Old school strip shows are a thing of the past, any good male strip show in 2020 onwards should have talented performers on their stage. They should be entertaining, sexy, fun, have some laughs and an all round great girls night out. There should be some topless waiters roaming the room before and during the show. A good topless waiter will come up and introduce themselves before the show starts. As for the show itself, you should be expecting a journey from start to finish, and a number of group routines throughout that’ll carry you through the night. Generally at any male strip show in Melbourne, doors open at 6:30pm, show starts at 8pm, afterparty from 10pm.


Now with male strippers, as mentioned above, it’s all about the show. You’ll have an MC that is fun and engaging and can really get the party started. This is key to a good male strip show. Then the MC will introduce guys and acts on the stage and if he’s done his job correctly you should be eager to see what’s up next. The content of the show is one of our secrets, you’ll have to see it to believe it, because trust us, it’s definitely not what you’re expecting.


At any male strip show, everything should be all about the girls in the room. Meaning, you and your group! We’re here to cater to your needs on having a great night out. From the beginning of the show to the end of the show and then even into the after party, the guys are always welcoming and happy to assist you in any way if needed. Our job is to create the ultimate party atmosphere so each and every person in the room has the time of their life.

So the question is, should you go to strippers for a hens? If you’re after an unforgettable night of laughs, excitement, drinks, the ultimate party vibe and don’t mind seeing some talented naked men. Then yes, the strippers is for you. If you’re wanting something more chilled, don’t forget, you can always spice up your night by hiring a male stripper or topless waiter to come to you!