So you’re the maid of honour…or you’re the best friend and you’ve got her birthday coming up…or you just wanna have one epic girls night! Either way, I’m going to show you step by step the way to host the BEST girls night ever.


Alright, so the first thing every girls night needs is a group chat. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or an iMessage group chat, you’re gonna need somewhere to be able to speak to everyone easily. We say the best way is usually a Facebook group chat because let’s be honest here. Everyone has Facebook.


Now that you’ve created the group chat with your squad, it’s time to decide and get the hardest part of the night, out of the way. Deciding on the budget. This can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Here’s the easiest way…

Decide on your budget for entry to any clubs, bars or locations. Let’s start with say $40.

Next, decide on your budget for food if your group is going to want  to eat beforehand. We’ll go with $30 for this one, which I’d say is more than enough for any meals I eat on a night out.

Okay, the most crucial part here. Costs of getting to your destination and back home. From personal experience, I’d say the best way is to always split an uber or a maxi cab. Now you might be thinking, “oh but one of us will just drive us all”. Here’s the problem with that; there’s always gonna be that one sober person who is playing “Mum”. She’s most likely going to want to drink also and if she does, she’s gonna have to leave her car somewhere overnight. Also, not to mention, you’ll have to catch an uber or a taxi back at this point anyway. So take it from me, maxi cab it in and out, it’ll cost roughly $10-$20 per person depending on group size.

Now to the last and most enjoyable part. The drinks! If you’re like me and you’re a big drinker, here’s what I’ve found that works best. Have your girls all chip in for a bottle of vodka and a few mixers for pre-drinks before your choice of transport in comes. Next, either decide on how much you wanna spend throughout the night or buy a drink package/set up a tab with a limit.

Packages are generally the best way to avoid any extra costs on the night. Plus, most places these days have an unlimited drinks package which for me saves me a whole heap of money. They’ll generally start at $50 for basic drinks.

So the hard part is now out the way. Based on the above situations, a full girls night will cost approximately $130. That might sound like more than you usually budget on a night out. But what happens the next day usually when you check your bank account? That $50 budget for the night went out the window, didn’t it? Not to mention, that includes from the time you start pre-drinking, all the way to your outing location, and then back home for those drunk cab rides home.


This step is a lot easier than people think. There are 3 different types of places to choose from here in Melbourne.

Bars and food bars – usually somewhere you’d go for a quieter night where you just wanna hang with your girls and have a really chilled night. A few places I like are The Den, State of Grace and Pink The Restaurant.

Nightclubs – Luckily for us girls clubs are some of the easiest places to go. Your night at a club depends on how much you drink, the more, the better I say. A few nightclubs I like are Flamingo, Panda, Billboard Saturdays and Ms. Collins.

Strippers – No, I’m not talking about female strippers. I’m talking about male strippers. If you’re like me and never actually knew these places existed here in the real world, well you’re in for a treat. I’ve been to a couple of these male strip shows, and I can say by far I’ve had one of the best nights ever at Men of Dreams. Not only, do you get to see some seriously hot men dancing and getting their kits off. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised as it was the opposite of what I thought a male strip club would be. This place had a really massive stage and lights and screens and the guys would run in and out changing costumes super quickly (apart from when they got undressed) and actually put on a show. My favourite was this cool double duo with a girl and guy in a pool of water. Anyways, back to the story. The best thing about it is, 95% of people in the room are women and the other 5% are smoking hot men. That means, no creeps trying to get your number, in fact I think I could’ve been called the creep a few times trying to get some numbers. Safe to say it didn’t work haha. However!! This by far was my favourite option. I’ve found that entry starts as cheap as $40 and usually comes with a drink card or two. But also, you get to watch the show and if you’re lucky, get to get up on stage with one of the hunks. On top of that, I also got free entry into an afterparty where I got to see the guys and get photos with them (yes I made the most of it and had to touch some abs).

My recommendation for an amazing girls night would definitely be the strippers but it just depends on what kind of night you’re wanting to have. The strippers option, would DEFINITELY be a “not so quiet night” and by that I mean you’ll have no voice the next day from screaming and cheering so loud.


This is the easiest part. Putting the plan to life! All you’ve gotta do now, is take all the above planning and go and do it. Or you can scrap it all and just head to the strippers and see where the night takes you…haha just kidding.

But in all seriousness, Men of Dreams even have options to package all this up for you so they set up your food, transport, tickets and drinks. Safe bet if you ask me. Regardless, at this point, you’ve decided where to go now, decided on your budget, got your group chat going if anyone gets lost. Now’s the time to go out, let your hair down, and have some fun.

The last few tips I have for you are…

Go as a group and come back as a group. Always keep some cash on you for a cab ride home, in case you umm…get lost… AND don’t forget to charge your damn phone!

Now go out and party like it’s your last day on Earth!