One of the most commonly played games you’ll find. This one is as easy as it sounds. Start by getting a poster made of your favourite hunky celeb or printing off one of our hunky Men of Dreams guys and have this stuck up on a wall. Next, you can purchase “junk” stickers from your local party store or have the girls draw and cut out their own. Add some double-sided tape onto the back and the games ready to be played. Line each girl up in front of the poster. Blindfold the first person, spin her 3 times, then have her do her best to pin the junk on the hunk. To make the game harder, enforce a one-touch rule, meaning the girls don’t get to touch the poster more than once before having to pin.

Tip: If you’ve hired a Men of Dreams topless waiter, don’t be afraid to either stick the poster on him or just use him as a live model for your game.



A little bit of preparation is required for this one. What you’ll need to do is come up with a list of questions to ask the groom. Your questions should be based on the bride and experiences between the bride and groom (if you can’t think of questions, we have a list below). Once you’ve got your list ready, you wanna read these questions to the bride and either write down his answers or record him answering the questions with your phone. Next step is to have everyone sitting around the bride while you read out all these questions. The aim of the game is for her to answer each question as if she was the groom. To make it extra fun, for every question she gets right, let her nominate someone to have a shot. For every question she gets wrong, get her to have a shot. This will definitely test how well she knows the person she’s marrying.

Tip: Fill the hens shot glasses only half full of alcohol and the rest water to avoid her getting too drunk in the early parts of the night. To make it even more fun, have the shots done as a BODY SHOT!



A little like beer pong but the classier version. We know most hens groups aren’t drinking beer on their hens night, it’s more of a champagne, wine or cocktail kinda day. Choose your favourite drink, fill up some cups, and line them up bowling pin style on each side of the table. Grab yourself a ping pong ball and split into teams. Take turns trying to throw the ping pong ball into the other teams cups. For every one you land, the other team has to drink that cup. First team to get the ball inside every cup on the other side of the table, wins!

Tip: To make this a bit more fun. If you’ve hired a Men of Dreams topless waiter, and have a sturdy table, have the waiter lay down on the table. Then place the cups around his body…and maybe some on his body.



You might be thinking, what the….but trust us, this is a very common game and actually is a lot of fun! Firstly, you’d wanna play this game a little later on in the evening where your hens party has had quite a few drinks. Very simple rules, set up two teams. Each team gets 5 or 10 toilet paper rolls each. Then they have a time limit to build a wedding dress on their chosen model or “bride”. The hen can either join in or be the judge. Once the time is up, have one person from each group explain their creation and have the model do the famous catwalk. The judging team should be based on creativity, presentation, durability whilst walking and lastly, if it actually looks like a wedding dress.

Tip: Prepare a prize full of hens party goodies for the winning team to spice things up and bring a bit of competition between the groups. To make the night even funnier, why not use one of our topless waiters as the model?



This is a good one for breaking the ice and getting your hens group all involved and knowing a bit about each other. First, have everyone write down a memory that they have shared with the bride on a bit of paper. Encourage the group to make this memory as exciting or as tough as they like. The aim for each memory is to have a very significant moment that the friend and bride have shared together or the way they met. Once they’re all done, have one of the bridesmaids read out each memory one by one to the group. The hen will then have to guess who wrote down the memory.

Tip: Add alcohol to the mixture, every wrong answer, the bride has to take a shot (or half a shot) and every right answer, the person who wrote down the memory has to take a shot. Make it more fun and make them body shots!