First time booking a topless waiter? Or, just wondering what the topless waiters can do at your event? Here’s a list of things they’re capable of and how they can assist you with your hens night!

Basic responsibilities for your topless waiter

  • Preparing and serving food
  • Preparing and serving drinks
  • Cocktail making (please provide the recipes)
  • Take photos with and, of your group
  • Host party games like pin the junk on the hunk etc.
  • Help with cleaning and tidying the room
  • Assist in setting up the room for a strip show

Cheekier things to do with your topless waiter

  • Body shots
  • Play pin the junk on the hunk but using your topless waiter as the model
  • Lap dance for the bride (if the waiter is trained in lap dancing)
  • Reverse lap dance game and have your waiter choose who gives the best lap dance out of the girls
  • Play the blindfold sticker game where all the girls stick a small sticker on the topless waiter and your guest of honour must find them with her hand or lips blindfolded
  • Body shots but using jello shots instead
  • Take photos in funny and cheeky positions

How to do a bodyshot with your topless waiter


Pour a little bit of salt on the top of your hand in-between your thumb and forefinger. Then after getting yourself ready to start the quick 3 step shot. Lick it up! A handy tip when you have a topless waiter, this can most certainly be done on your Men of Dreams topless waiters neck or anywhere else you’d like!


Pour a shot of tequila, then place the shot glass on your waiters abs or belt buckle (be careful not to make him laugh). Or for the adventurous girls, pour the shot onto your topless waiters abs! Then sip that shot right up!


Now place your lemon in between the topless waiters’ lips. The aim of the game is to grab the lemon out of his mouth with no hands, oh and don’t be afraid to get a little lip in there too. Once you’ve grabbed the lemon, suck it up to finish off the shot!