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Male Strippers Melbourne

Going for a classic girls night in for your special event? You provide the location and we provide the entertainment.
Topless waiters to serve food and drinks, host party games and of course provide that extra bit of spice.
Or for the group who wants to go a little further and get the pants off also, a full or partial strip show may be best for you.


You know the fantasy. Smoking hot men, sexy dance moves with rock hard abs to match. Our Men of Dreams strippers all have years of experience and are widely known as the best of the best. From our very own Mr. Grey (Zac Steel) to our Ninja Warrior (Leo) our guys are extremely talented. Combine that with a costume of your choice and you’ve got yourself one hell of a stripper experience. To book a stripper it’s as simple as giving us a time, location and date. We’ll take care of the rest. Male strippers start at just $250 and go for approximately 15 – 20 minutes in length. When you hire a Men of Dreams you’re welcome to take photos of the strip show taking place…with the exception of those moments that are, should we say, “for the eyes only”. Popular costumes are the fireman and police officer, with both of these shows being the most exciting and action-packed. After all, who doesn’t like a man in uniform?


Need someone to serve your every need? Not only that, how about someone with a rocking hot body serving your every need? Our Men of Dreams topless waiters can do exactly that. All our guys are extremely polite and friendly. They’re also there to be the life of the party, host any games or activities, and provide some delicious eye candy. A topless waiter can be booked for as long as you’d like. Topless waiters in Melbourne start at just $100 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. Your topless waiter can do things like serve drinks, serve food, host games, take photos, do body shots and many more. For a fiull list of things to do with your topless waiter  click here  Your topless waiter will be wearing black pants and will either be fully topless or you have the option of him having a bow tie on. Let him know which you prefer


Strip shows – $250 (15 – 20 minutes)

Topless waiters – $100 per hour (2 hours minimum)

Double Trouble – $470 (2 strippers)

Basic Combo – $420 (1 stripper and 1 topless waiter for 2 hours)

Standard Combo – $600 (1 stripper and 2 topless waiters for 2 hours each)

Deluxe Combo – $800 (2 strippers and 2 topless waiters for 2 hours each)

Zain and Leo army strippers

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