Male Strippers & Topless Waiters In Werribee

The most popular location in the Western Suburbs is Werribee and its surrounding areas. Often, we also tour to hotels nearby and have a large fan base in these areas. Travel fees start at about $30 per guy and is an easy location to get to from the city. Quite a few of our guys are from areas around here and generally take on last minute bookings fairly easily depending on availabilities. Please ensure to give directions if you live in a new estate in this area as often addresses don’t show up on maps yet.

Male Strippers In Werribee

Our male strippers are professional and trained to the highest level. All of our guys will bring along their own speaker and custom music for the show. Don’t forget to choose a costume for your male stripper. If you have any special requests, we’ll do our best to accommodate. Book your male stripper in Werribee today with our simple online booking. 

Topless Waiters In Werribee

The Men of Dreams topless waiters are nothing short of amazing. All our topless waiters are trained and can perform almost any task give to them. Some typical things to have your topless waiter do are serve drinks, serve food, body shots and create fun poses for photos with the bride. The minimum call out for a topless waiter is just 2 hours and can go up to 5 hours. Your topless waiter will be more than happy to accommodate to any special requests just as long as you let them know beforehand. Book your topless waiter in Werribee today with our simple online booking.