At Men of Dreams, we’ve got a whole new ball game that we bring to the table. With fresh young talent, our team have gone to extreme lengths to bring some of the most creative and exhilarating shows you’ll ever see. Our vision is to change the traditional idea of male strip clubs into something new and exciting. 


The founders, Zain Blake and Zac Steel, have always strived to find a way to bring out creativity into the Melbourne male strippers industry. It’s now all come to life. To bring together the best of stripping as well as one of the most successful genres of shows in the world…theatre. That meant, not only checking out the best of the best in terms of male strippers, but also seeing the best of the best in terms of theatre shows. Once they found the right ratio of both, they knew they were onto a winning combination.


A successful show is a combination of a few things…Music choices, lighting effects, chiseled hot bodies, choreography, creativity, costume and most of all, giving the guests the best girls night out ever. As you can tell, it’s quite the recipe. However, after visiting all the best crews and seeing the best theatre shows, our guys went straight into months of rehearsals to get all the above things right. We’ve recruited some big names and put them all to the test. We pride ourselves on becoming the best male strip club in Melbourne and Australia.


The other side to our industry is servicing all the hens nights, birthdays and girls night out that are looking for a different option. We provide spunky topless waiters and breathtaking male strippers for in-home waitering and strip shows. From male strippers arresting your bride to be, to charming topless waiters, we do the whole package. Couple that up with a few drinks and you’ve got yourself one epic girls night out.


Simply, to be the best male strippers in Australia. We aim to bring out your wildest fantasies on stage utilising our talented team and amazing creatives.