Melbourne's best selection of topless waiters. Fun, outgoing and experienced, ready to serve for a classy night in!



Per Hour
2 Hour Minimum Booking


2 x Topless Waiters
2 Hours Each


Meet our hunky topless waiters in Melbourne. Here at Men of Dreams, we’ve selected only the best of the best when it comes to topless men. Not only will you get someone who’s got a rocking hot body. You’ll also get someone with experience that can cater to any type of group.

Winning multiple physique competitions, Anthony has a perfectly sculpted body and cheerful smile to go with it. He’s very professional, outgoing and is perfect for groups that want some extra eye candy.

As you can see, we don’t really need to introduce Alan. We like to think he speaks for himself. But, behind his incredible physique, Alan is also as charming as they come.


Outgoing, fun and can speak Spanish! Leo is one of our topless waiters that loves to have a dance! He’s originally from Colombia and is a complete gentleman when it comes to the ladies.

Liam is a published model and it’s not hard to see why. His mesmerising eyes make him extremely desirable. Ladies, meet Liam, the cute and polite topless waiter you’ve been looking for.


Ladies meet Jay. He’s one of our most charming topless waiters. Very warm and open, Jay is one of our topless waiters that’ll look after your whole party.


Tom’s is a favourite for our Aussie lovers. He’s outgoing, fun, and doesn’t shy away from getting involved.

Did someone say sexy chocolate? Or do we just have some chocolate lovers in the house? Demetrius is a striking 6 foot 5, straight from The United States and is one of the tallest topless waiters in Melbourne. If you’re looking for a big, strong man to spice up your event, Demetrius is your man.

Light brown hair, dark tan, big arms! Alex definitely has the looks and the confidence to spice up any party. One of our versatile guys, he can be hired as a stripper or waiter. Or, why not both? Ladies meet Alex, a great addition to any party!

Our most experienced waiter. Ladies, meet our Melbourne topless waiter, Will. He can adapt to any crowd, so if you think you got a quiet group. Will is gonna be the one you want. He’ll make sure he turns the mood of the room around and has everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.

Covered in tatts, blue eyes, what more could you ask for? Vinny is our Vin Diesel inspired hunk, with confidence through the roof, he needs no introduction. The most “bad boy” topless waiter Melbourne has to offer.

Tall, inked up and full of life. Chase is extremely charismatic, loves to party and has a very cheeky personality. There’s a reason why he’s one of the ladies’ favourite Men of Dreams.

He’s got that model look, sharp jawline, and shredded abs. It’s not hard to tell why Joey’s one of the ladies’ favourites. The perfect addition to any birthday, hens night or girls night out!

The typical tall, dark and handsome. Everyone loves a guy with that summer tan, dark hair and big arms. Ladies, meet our Melbourne topless waiter Theo. He’s our European heartthrob and an extremely charming guy. Your guests will be sure to love him from the moment he enters the party!


Anthony topless hunk